Code Change

What is Code Change?

(1) The name of my Company

I use software to solve human problems. My foundation is a MSc CS. My experience is 8 years as Research Scientist, 6 years as Software Engineer and 2 years as Software Engineering Coach.
I am a freelancer, available from Oct 2020 onwards. E-mail for more information (Sorry, to prevent spam, you replace the 'a' with an '@').

(2) Change of Code

Addition of code, removal of code.
Refactoring, a practice to change the design of software, without changing its functionality. It is vital to keep a code base 'fresh', that is, extendable and maintainable.

(3) Encoding Change

New client? New requirement? New team member? New law?
How do you adjust to changes?

(4) An Erlang callback

What I didn't know when I started my company, is that code_change(Version, State, Extra) is a callback in Erlang (OTP) applications, that allows you to convert your state to a new structure, right after the code was upgraded. You can use this (investment) to get the super-high uptimes that Erlang is famous for.